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Adopt A Block Program

* Thank you for considering the Atwater Village Adopt-A-Block program! *


October 21, 2020 Los Angeles, CA:

The Atwater Village Neighborhood Council has officially released its Adopt-A-Block Program.

This is a pilot program that encourages involvement in Atwater Village by providing a simple and fun way for volunteers to make a significant impact in the community. Residents make a commitment to adopt a block within the Atwater Village area for one year through monthly clean-ups. In return, volunteers are recognized with an Adopt-A-Block sign bearing the Group / Individual’s name that can be placed on the awarded block.

Adopt-A-Block is a community program sponsored by the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council, Community Greening Committee.

Its mission: To promote environmental awareness, activities, and pride within Atwater Village. For this first pilot round, a total of 10 locations will be selected.

Applications are now being accepted.

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