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River Committee

The AVNC River Committee works to inform the community of upcoming projects, ordinances, and changes that affect Atwater Village. We believe the conversations centered around the river must include AV residents (as a stakeholder) due to the high impact these decisions have on our riverfront community. We believe the process needs to be transparent, honest and inclusive. Our efforts include public safety and environmental issues: flood mitigation, the safety of users, protections for current and future wildlife habitats, rules and regulations along the river and maintenance – all of which benefits the community and visitors.

This committee meets on the first Monday of the Month at 7 PM.


Committee Chair:  Karen Barnett

Board Member Committee Members:  Kevin Lum | Jim Muller | Gilbert Berriozabal

Stakeholder Committee Members: 

Karen Barnett | Jeff Yana | Jody Rath | Marianne Bender | Sandra Caravella


Link to Agendas & Minutes

River News:

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