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Click on the links below to access each Committee Web Page:

Budget & Finance Committee
Chair:  Anthony Forester

Community Greening Committee
Chair:  Matthew Weil

Education Committee
Chair:  Tova Goodman

Environmental & Land Use Committee
Chair:  Steve Johnson

Equine (Equestrian) Advisory Committee
Chair:  Gene Gilbert

Governance, Governmental Relations and Elections Committee
Chair:  Edward Morrissey

Homelessness Engagement Committee
Co-Chairs:  Michael Batistick and Danielle Bond


Homelessness Policy Committee

Chair: Vacant

Outreach & Communications Committee
Chair:  Brett Kushner

Public Safety Committee
Chair:  Karen Knapp

River Committee
Chair:  Karen Barnett

Tree Lighting & Events Committee
Co-Chairs:  Courtney Morris and Shelli-Anne Couch

Transportation Committee
(Previously High Speed Rail Ad Hoc Committee)
  Seymour Liao



Purposeful Aging Los Angeles (PALA) Initiative – Vacant

DWP MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) – Anthony Forester

City Attorney Liaison – Jim Muller

Animal Services Liaison – Courtney Morris

CD13 Alliance Representatives – Mike Batistic and Courtney Morris

Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Liaison (BONC) – Pending

Alliance of River Communities Liaison (ARC) – Pending

Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition Liaison (LANC) – Pending

Homelessness Liaison – Pending

Budget Advocate –  Pending

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