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Neighborhood Purpose Grants

   Apply for a Neighborhood Purpose Grant from AVNC!

Did you know that neighborhood councils can provide grants to community organizations? Grants can be up to $5,000, and are available to 501c3 non-profit institutions and public schools.

How to apply:

1) Go to the City Clerk’s Neighborhood Purposes Grant Documents page. Here you’ll find information about how the City processes grants, as well as a fillable PDF form you can download. This form is a *required* submission, and these documents also identify what other supporting documentation is required.

2) AVNC has a supplemental application that helps us get the information we use in making grant decisions. This application is optional but highly recommended!

3) Send forms and supporting documentation to the appropriate committee chair. If you’re not sure which committee is the most appropriate for your request, feel free to email us and ask! Some applications would fit with multiple committees, so you have a choice.

4) Once your complete application is received by an appropriate committee chair, they will agendize it for a committee meeting. At this meeting, the committee members will review the application and score it using the scoring rubric in the supplemental form. Your organization is not required to attend this meeting, but it is a public meeting and you are welcome to. Sometimes the committee has questions for the applicant, so being there to answer them is a plus!

5) If your application is approved by the committee, it will be agendized for the next General Board meeting of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council. Again, your presence is not required but is welcome and often helpful in getting you funded. You will have an opportunity to make a short presentation (less than five minutes) about your project, and the full board will have all the materials you have submitted as well as the score you received in committee. There will also be an opportunity for public comment, so people who have benefited from your organization or school are welcome to come and speak on the item as well.

6) If you are funded, you are expected to complete a final report once your project has concluded. This can be done by submitting the Completion Report Form on the City Clerk’s website via email, or by making a short presentation in person at a General Board meeting. You will not be considered for future funding until and unless this report is completed.

We look forward to hearing about your organization!

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