Alex Ventura
Alex Ventura
North Atwater Representative
Statement / Bio:
Hello, my name is Alex Ventura. I have a BA from California State University of Northridge in anthropology and run my own business as a licensed residential mason. My wife and I recently purchased our first home here in North Atwater Village in January of 2009. While I had heard good things about Atwater, I was surprised to encounter a real sense of community here from the very start. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and never knew the sense of community that I feel here. In fact, after attending a town hall meeting out of curiosity, I found myself wanting to participate in the betterment of our community and learned there was a position open on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council.

As a representative, my hope is that Atwater Village can become a safer place with strong community bonds, where diversity, creativity and happiness prosper. I have no background in community organizing -- just a belief that participation is the key ingredient to prosperity and human welfare. I see this neighborhood as I see the home I bought: It is classic Los Angeles -- beautiful, charming, and in need of TLC. I hope I can encourage others in North Atwater to participate in improving this unique neighborhood.
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