Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Agenda
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, Apr 12th, 20127:00 PM Christ’s Church of Griffith Park 3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039Regular
1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call (7:00P)

2. Government Representative(s) Report(s) Senate, Assembly, City Council, DONE, LAPD, CPAB/CIA, DAWS Updates (max 5 min each)

3. Housekeeping/Announcements/Code of Civility

4. Approval of minutes: March 2012 (5 min)

5. AVNC Officers’ Reports/Committee Updates: Outreach, Budget Advocates, Public Safety, etc. (5 min each)

6. Public Comments - Comments are welcomed, but limited to 2 min. per speaker.

7. New Business (limit presentations to 5 min. or less unless otherwise noted):

- a) Presentation and Action: Re-allocation of funds within current budget

- b) Presentation and Action: Approval of Q2 Audit

- c) Presentation and Action: Approval of second P-card signatory

- d) Presentation and Action: Request for letter of support for Honeylove Beekeepers

- e) Presentation and Action: Request to rescind previously approved expenditures to Independent Shakespeare Co. and the Jubilee

- f) Presentation and Action: Updating of AVNC community forum

- g) Presentation and Action: Request for up to $1500 for 2nd Annual Artwalk

- h) Presentation and Action: Request for elementary school funding

- i) Presentation and Action: Request for funding for NE LAPD

- j) Presentation and Action: Resignation of L. Gershman-Pitts

- k) Presentation and Action: Appointment of self-identified S. Atwater stakeholder to vacated seat

8. Board Member Comments - Comments on subject matter within the Board’s jurisdiction (2 min. each)

9. Future Agenda Items for Meeting of Thursday, May10 th, 2012 (2 min)

10. Adjournment (9:00PM)
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