Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, Dec 8th, 20117:00 PMChrist’s Church of Griffith Park 3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039Regular


Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
Meeting Board of Governors
Thursday, December 8, 2011
1. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 7:04 p.m.
Leonora Pitts, South Atwater, Co-Chair, (Absent)
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith, Central Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Bruce Fleenor, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Secretary, Outreach Chair, Present
Lara Pranger, Treasurer, Schools, Present
Rueben Martinez, South Atwater, Present
Nick Warnes, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Alex Ventura, North Atwater, Land Use, (Absent)
Amy Honey, Recreation and Parks, Present
Patricia Kane, Central Atwater,Traffic, (Absent)
Mario Cárdenas, Special Interest, At-Large, Present
Ginger Damon, Community, Non-Profit, Present
Tim Van Metter, At-Large, (Absent)
Gerry Hoffman, Business Rep., Present
John Culik, N. Atwater Rep., Present
2. Government Representative(s) Report(s) Senate, Assembly, City Council, DONE, LAPD Updates
No Government representatives present at meeting. Robert Smith spoke to Angela Motta. Parking issue still on going and she is working on alternatives while waiting on Trutanic’s office. Will find out more when the other agenda item comes up.
Rueben:  It’s not going to get done until next year.
Robert: Not officially, City Council is working on something quicker that goes around that system short term for the business trying to open.
No other items.
3. Housekeeping/Announcements/Code of Civility (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: Code of civility: we’re all nice people. Let’s keep it that way.
4. Approval of minutes: December 2011
Bruce moves; Rueben seconds.
Vote: (10-0-1) Motion passed.
5. AVNC Officers’ Reports/Committee Updates:  Outreach, Budget Advocates, Public Safety, etc.
Cindy MJ-Outreach:  Thanks everyone with help with the Newsletters. Still more newsletter distribution needs to be done.  Also, please take some of Santa’s workshop schedules for distribution as well.
Robert:  Suggested that if anyone is going somewhere to grab a stack of newsletters and put them there rather than paying someone to walk around and distribute.
Cindy:  We never really got everybody?
Barbara:   We never do.
Robert:  Will see if this is a better system.
Barbara:  We’ve tried everything and this is as good as it get’s.
Rueben:  How often do we check the places where we put them?
Robert:  This is the first time we’ve done it this way.
Cindy:  I check the places where I put them.
Robert:  When I passed them out people have mentioned that they already have the letter.
Cindy:  How many more boxes do we have left?
Bruce:  I think we have four (4) under the table.
Cindy:  After the new-year we will be moving on with more out reach meetings.
Cindy:  Toran Donavan, sent me an e-mail expressing he will assist with outreach. Thanks Toran.
Robert:  Budget advocates, anything to report?
Ginger: Nothing to report.
Robert:  Public Safety, no official meetings.  If you want to assist let me know.
Barbara:  We just had a disaster. There were a lot of trees fallen, home and car damage, and power outages due to the high winds.
Robert: LAPD closed off the homeless encampment.  Still waiting to do a clean up of leftover items. They did work with PATH and did what they could to assist with re-location.
Robert: Any other updates from any other committees.  Response:  DAWS No. Other committees, No.
6. Treasurer:  Lara Pranger, distributed Card Holder Report. Indicates items that occurred for last month. Transactions, Reimbursements etc.
Lara:  Did Leonora pay for the tree?
Bruce: The Chamber paid the deposit for the tree.
Lara:  But the balance was due on Monday. Did Leonora pay that? 
Mario:  Yes. 
Lara:  Ok, I was assuming it was us. We will discuss in more detail at budget meeting in January.
Robert:  If there’s anything that’s been pre-approved it doesn’t have to come back to us?
Lara:  I know we got reimbursement. I just have to figure out what ever I have to do.
Lara:  And on the other side of the report is the rolling what’s been going on.
Lara: Does any body have any questions or comments?
Robert: Is there anything on the report that has not been budgeted for?
Lara: There are a couple of expenditure things that are outstanding. I’m following up for Roffit to get him paid. It appears that some things have been done that he didn’t get paid for. Also, the Art Cycle people we have a demand warrant for them being processed.  We have some things that were allocated for but we haven’t done anything as of yet.  We lost a lot from this year’s budget because they swept it. We will talk about that in January.
Otto: When is the fiscal year end?
Lara: The end of June.
Bruce: They decided towards the end of June to remove the quarterly spending limits on purchase card. We were able to fit in three things before the deadline but there were a few things that we weren’t able to get in time.
Otto:  Is this a calendar year budget or a fiscal year budget?
Robert:  Fiscal Year. And right now where at half year.
Lara: We are just ending the second quarter.
Robert: Did the trash pick up thing get going?
Lara:  Did it ever happen?
Mario: Is DONE going to except the invoices?
Bruce: I don’t know.
Mario: Well they invoiced it for the end of the year right Bruce?
Bruce:  DONE won’t let us pay in advance for a years worth of services. They didn’t really want to submit monthly payments.  But I didn’t really give them an option either. So we need to contact North East Graffiti again to see if there’re even doing it.
Barbara:  I’m out around the boulevard and it seems to be pretty clean.
Nick: I think  a lot of the businesses are just empty.
Robert:  And unfortunately there’s less foot traffic.
Robert: Right now nothings happen. We are working on getting the billing through.
They pick up on Mondays. So where trying to figure out how to get that done.
Approval of Treasurer Report: November 2011
Robert moves to approve; Lara seconds.
Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed.
7. Public Comments
Barbara:  I want to thank guys that showed up for the Turkey Shoot event at the park. It’s good to have the neighborhood council members their.
Rueben: It was very nice. We had a lot of parents their who came over to say Thank You.
Barbara:  We will be at the Farmers Market on Sunday selling T-shirts, Toat bags and mugs. So if anybody needs Christmas presents we’ll be there.
Toran:  I met with Cindy last week. I’m looking forward to volunteering. I work with Tree People. It’s an environmental Non-profit organization. I’m interested in a tree planting location or event.
Bruce:  There’s a place on Glenhearst.
Robert:  On a similar note, LA Garden Council is looking for community garden locations. CD-13 also looking for project ideas. And FarmScape Gardens is also interested as well.
Rueben:  What about the signs?
Cindy:  I just sent you an e-mail about that today.
8. New Business
Robert: We put together a letter of support for the Parking Ordinance. Copies of letter have been passed out. Letter to be sent to Trutanic City Attorney’s office. Thank you Luis for writing the draft. Issue is that there’s a change of requirements for on site parking for businesses. The parking study indicates that there is enough parking.
Approval of Parking Ordinance Letter: December 2011
Robert moves to approve; Lara seconds.
Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed.
b) Course of Action for Elections including the formation of Election Committee.
Cindy: The City is not going to give a budget for elections. I move that we start an election committee so that we can get everything in place and stay on schedule. I would like to start meeting by the first of the year. I welcome all volunteers. It will be a mixture of organization and outreach to assist with committee being organized.
Amy:  If there are no elections will we have our own?
Robert:  The City clerk will not be holding the elections. That’s what the committee will find out what can we do.
Robert: We’ve had some committee board members volunteer. If we get to point that we need to be appointing board members. Especially elected members. Terms will be up for all of us in April. We can’t conduct business if we fall below 9 members. So lets avoid getting below forum. If any members plan on leaving before April please let us know.
Bruce: As far as I know the City funded the last election.  The board itself financed all others. But this is the first election that we don’t have a ton of money to put towards it.  The first election we had which Leonora and I were a part of. It was just community volunteers. It just involved a lot of phone calls. It’s not something that two or three people can pull off.  It’s going to require us and a lot more other people to get the word out. But we had a really good turn out.
Lara:  That makes sense because we spent a significant amount of money two years ago. And there were not that many votes. It seemed like a shame.
Reuben:  Actually, the City will still be involved. They will send a representative to be a supervisor of the election. They will pick another member from a different board.
Robert:  That’s the kind of information to bring to the first meeting. It will be needed and appreciated.
Reuben: We’ll the whole issue is that some neighborhood council’s agree and disagree. In the past they will try to maneuver the election process in their favor and elect who they want to be on the board. This is why the City will stay involved in the neighborhood council elections.
Robert: The City Attorney has suggested no elections for three years. And all current elected seats are extended.
Otto -Public comment: What was your budget for last year and how much was spent on the election?
Bruce:  I have to get back to you with the actual figures but we budgeted around $12,000 dollars.
Barbara:  Let’s try to keep it a community event with food and lots of community involvement.
Robert:  Cindy will you chair this committee?
Cindy: I would like to Co-chair. But I’ll chair until we find someone.
Approval of Formation of Elections Committee: December 2011
Robert moves to approve; Cindy seconds.
Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed.
c) Presentation and Action: Funding up to $500 for Manan Mkrtchyan’s Folk Dancing Event
Non Event- already happened.
d) Presentation: Metro Express Lanes Demonstration
Robert:  They’re taking away the commuter lanes/carpool lanes and turning them into toll lanes that you pay to drive in during certain hours. No Metro Reps are present.
Issue is on the table for now.
e) Presentation and Action: Appointment of Self-Identified Stakeholders to AVNC Board of Governors and Committee Chairpersonships.
Robert: The only one I know of is Luis had volunteered. And that’s tied in with the previous elections committee stuff. Gerry is there anybody else.
Gerry: Yes, For Business Relations I recommended Lilly.
Lara: And Aram.
Robert:  Well the two open seats are Business and Non profit community groups.
Luis:  Is there a special interest also?
Lara: That’s the Non-profit community group.
Luis: There were 3 at large
Robert: They have all been filled.
Robert:  Lilly, Have we done an introduction?
Bruce:  Yes we’ve met her two months ago.
Gerry: I move to bring Lilly onboard as Business Rep.
Bruce: I’ll Second.
Nick:  What’s your business.
Lilly:  I do Real Estate – All over.
Lara: Question? We have three potential people to fill two seats. So are voting one by one or what?
Robert:  Luis correct me here the characterizations was from Luis’s letter it was a fail safe so we didn’t get stuck on elections timings.
Luis:  I do qualify for either one. And I’m not concerned about which one. I guess it just depends on this gentleman on what he qualifies for.
Lara:  Luis regardless your name is on this list tonight that we’re talking about right?
Rueben:  Yes.  So we got three people for two positions.
Lara:  So we can’t vote one by one.
Robert:  We’ll the businesses are separate. Unless Luis chose’s which one to go for.
Luis:  I’m a little bit confused on the available positions?
Robert:  It’s a Community Group Non-profit Rep and Business Rep positions.
Nick:  The gentleman in the back. I would like to know which position you would like to chair.
Otto:  I would like to do the business position. I’ve been in Government for 18 years however, It’s open to either position.
Lara:  You can still do community work. It’s ok.
Bruce: Where still 4 months away from elections.
Reuben: Well I accept Lilly.
Gerry:  Lilly is also a Horse person.
Robert:  Do you actually participate in equestrian.
Lilly: Oh Yes.
Robert: Let’s amend Lilly to the Community Group Non-profit Rep.
Approval of Lilly to Community Non-profit Rep.
Gerry moves to approve; Cindy seconds.
Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed.
Robert: Let’s move on to appoint Luis Lopez to Business Rep seat.
Bruce:  Moves to appoint Luis.
Lara: I second.
Robert:  I’m not fine with appointing Luis.  And I will resign from the board if Luis is appointed.
Bruce:  I don’t’ think that deems him as not qualified due to people not getting along with him.
John:  My contacts with Luis have been nothing but positive.
Nick:  I would like to postpone this decision and talk about it.
Aram:  I don’t want you to resign Robert.
Luis:  I’m very disappointed. I’ve done a lot for this community. However, if the board doesn’t want me then I withdraw my appointment.
Approval of Luis Lopez for Business Rep: December 2011
Robert moves to deny; Cindy seconds.
Vote: (2-3-6) Motion Fails.
Lara:  I move to have Aram to fill Business Rep seat.
Bruce:  I second.
Approval of Aram to Business Rep: December 2011
Bruce moves to approve Aram; Lara seconds.
Vote: (6-0-5) Motion passed.
11. Adjournment
Robert moves to adjourn; Bruce seconds,
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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