Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, Nov 10th, 20117:00 PM Christ’s Church of Griffith Park 3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039Regular
Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
Meeting Board of Governors
Thursday, November 10, 2011
1. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 7:02 p.m.
Leonora Pitts, South Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith, Central Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Bruce Fleenor, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Secretary, Outreach Chair, Present
Lara Pranger, Treasurer, Schools, Present
Rueben Martinez, South Atwater, Present
Nick Warnes, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Alex Ventura, North Atwater, Land Use, Present
Amy Honey, Recreation and Parks, Present
Patricia Kane, Central Atwater,Traffic, Present
Mario Cárdenas, Special Interest, At-Large, Present
Ginger Damon, Community, Non-Profit, (Absent)
Tim Van Metter, At-Large, (Absent)
Gerry Hoffman, Business Rep., Present
John Culik, N. Atwater Rep., Present
2. Government Representative(s) Report(s) Senate, Assembly, City Council, DONE, LAPD Updates
Angela Motta, Garcetti office: Community Walk - Councilmember is coming to Atwater Village on Sat. 9:00 a.m. at the median on Edenhurst/ Glenfeliz. Parking credits: next week goes to City Council, expedited to approve program by mid-January 2012.Contact her: (323) 957-4500.
3. Housekeeping/Announcements/Code of Civility (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: Code of civility: we’re all nice people. Let’s keep it that way.
4. Approval of minutes: October 2011
Leonora Pitts moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (9-0-4) Motion passed.
5. AVNC Officers’ Reports/Committee Updates:  Outreach, Budget Advocates, Public Safety, etc.
Alex: Doran street closing is back on; proceedings start on Nov. 21, 2011. Website:
Lara Pranger moves to approve the spending report; Leonora Pitts seconds.
Vote: (13-0-0) Unanimous Motion passed.
6. Public Comments
Aram Adjemian: Government Relations Chair: does the chair exist?
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: It’s a committee. Come back to next month’s meeting.
Enci: Bitter Lemons: AVNC ad on website: July 14th front page tracking shows just under 100,000 visitors.
Stephen Box: We want feedback on what you’d like to see and funding for the 2012 NC Congress.
7. New Business
a) Presentation and Action: Atwater Village Multi-Modal Bridge Project (L.Pitts)
Omar Brownson: LA River Revitalization Mia Lar & Associates member of design project team.  Master plan for revitalizing LA River 32 miles. Atwater multi-modal bridge, for pedestrians, bicycles and equestrians; the bridge is 300’ long and 30’ wide with split rendering cable mast down middle of pier. Private donor to support it and gift it back to city of LA. $5million bridge for free. Design development phase public hearing process comments and feedback email equestrian rail heithg 5 foot tall higher. Email: 
b) Presentation and Action: Funding up to $500 for Chevy Chase Rec Turkey Shoot (B. Fleenor)
Bruce Fleenor moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Bruce Fleenor: It will buy 15 turkeys and 15 pies.
Vote: (13-0-0) Unanimous Motion passed.
c) Presentation and Action: Funding up to $3,000 for 20th Annual Tree Lighting (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts moves: Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (13-0-0) Unanimous Motion passed.
9. Board Member Comments
Bruce Fleenor: Lara [Pranger], I’ll give you the mailbox key for bills.
10. Future Agenda Items for Meeting of Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011
Lara Pranger: Items: Business rep and Government Relations Chair, also merging the storage unit.
11. Adjournment
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith moves to adjourn;  Bruce Fleenor seconds.
Meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.
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