Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Tue, Sep 27th, 20117:15 PM Christ’s Church of Griffith Park 3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039Special
Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
Meeting Board of Governors
Thursday, September 22, 2011
1. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 7:05 p.m.
Leonora Pitts, South Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith, Central Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Bruce Fleenor, Interim Treasurer, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Secretary, Outreach Chair, Present
Lara Pranger, Schools, Present
Rueben Martinez, South Atwater, Present
Nick Warnes, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Alex Ventura, North Atwater, Land Use, Present
Amy Honey, Recreation and Parks, Present
Patricia Kane, Central Atwater, (Absent)
Mario Cárdenas, At-Large, Present
Ginger Damon, Community, Non-Profit, Present
Tim Van Metter, At-Large, Present
Gerry Hoffman, Business Rep., Present
John Culik, N. Atwater Rep., Present
2. Government Representative(s) Report(s) Senate, Assembly, City Council, DONE, LAPD Updates
Angela Motta, CD 13, Eric Garcetti’s office: L.A. Commons is doing a walking tour on Oct. 1st
·         On Oct. 1st Clean and Connected Community Project on Glendale Blvd. for planting
·         Oct. 29th PAVA, Pacific American Volunteer Assoc., bring 500 youths to do clean-ups at the [L.A.] River. We are partnering with CD4. It starts at 8:00 a.m.
Eric Menjivar, field rep. for Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s office:  One bill, AV529, gives cities a bit more leeway to reduce speed limits down by 5 mph, from 45 mph to 40 mph, for example.
·         Check out the new California redistricting at
·         On Sun., Sept. 25th, I’ll be at Atwater Farmers Market; I’ll be the judge of salsa (food) contest.
3. Housekeeping/Announcements/Code of Civility (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: I made the ‘Thank You for Your Support’ certificates for all the businesses that supported the Movie Nights. Sept. 29th is the Autumn Nights on the Blvd. event. Code of civility: we’re all nice people, let’s keep it that way.
4. Approval of minutes: August 2011
Lara Pranger moves; Robert Smith, Co-Chair seconds.
Vote: (10-0-4) Motion passed.
5. AVNC Officers’ Reports/Committee Updates:  Outreach, Budget Advocates, Public Safety, etc.
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Outreach Chair: We talked about election outreach for March 2012 for the NC.
6. Approval of Last Month’s Spending Report, Budget and Finance Update
Bruce Fleenor moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (14-0-0) Unanimous Motion passed.
7. Public Comments
Debbie: I am from Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service (IRIS ); we also offer other services, including ESL classes, and help people pass the citizenship test, free classes.
Tomas: I am here to ask you to call an emergency meeting next week to consider funding the Atwater Elementary to keep their library open.
Shelly-Ann Couch: We’re at $11,000; the library will close tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and will remain closed until we get $15,000.
Bruce Fleenor: In August 2010, this board approved up to $3,500 for the Friends of Atwater Elementary. Some was spent, but $3,000 money is sitting in our budget.
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: Who can come on Tues., Sept. 27th at 7:15 p.m.? We need nine. Bruce [Fleenor], Nick [Warnes], Alex [Ventura] and I can post agendas tomorrow.
8. New Business
a) Presentation and Action: Update on Fall Festival, Glendale Blvd. landscaping, Movie Night, Autumn Nights on the Blvd., North Atwater Park Basketball Court Refurbishing (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: Movie Nights wrapped. Fall Festival is moving forward. Glendale Blvd. landscaping: we’re removing the sod this week. A stakeholder brought it to my attention that the basketball court at N. Atwater in Chevy Chase Park needs some work. I reached out to both Tom Lebonge’s and Eric Garcetti’s offices; they went to Parks and Rec on our behalf.
b) Presentation and Action: Bureau of Sanitation Infrastructure Issues (20 min. presentation, L. Pitts)
Brian Trussell: Sam Malotti and I work for the Bureau of Sanitation, Waste Water division. Bureau of Sanitation works 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. We pick up your trash and treat your wastewater. We own and operate four wastewater treatment plants in L.A.; they have to be kept in good condition to prevent breakdowns. The sewers are getting older, and the average life span of an L.A. city sewer is 80 years. 30% are older than that, and over 50% are over 60 years.
It costs 10 times more to repair after a spill occurs. The current budget has funding to repair the components of our wastewater system once every 168 years. We’ve installed automated systems in some areas which resulted in a savings of $27 million. Since 1994, we reduced staff 28%. We restructured our debt, projected to save $15 million per year from 2002 – 2029, for a total of $416 million. There is nothing left to cut.
For 14 of the last 20 years, there were no increases. The proposed increase is approximately $28 per year for the average L.A. single family residence. We’re only going with 5 years for now. With that amount, we’d need no additional funding.
c) Presentation and Action: Funding of up to $500 for PAL [Police Athletic League] Fundraising Event (R. Smith)
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith, Co-Chair moves; B.Fleenor seconds.
Vote: (14-0-0) Unanimous Motion passed.
d) Presentation and Action: Letter of Support for Beer and Wine License [conditional use permit] 3111 Glendale Blvd. (A. Ventura)
Alex Ventura moves; Cindy Marie Jenkins seconds.
Vote: (13-0-1) Motion passed.
e) Presentation and Action: Letter of Support for CUP [conditional use permit] for beer and wine at Whole Food for Life (A. Ventura)
Alex Ventura moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (11-0-3) Motion passed.
f) Presentation and Action: Formation of Ad Hoc Committee for Holiday Event (L. Pitts)
Cindy Marie Jenkins moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (12-0-2) Motion passed.
g) Presentation and Action: Election of AVNC Budget Advocates for FY 2011-2012 (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts moves to re-elect Ginger Damon; Rueben Martinez seconds.
Vote: (12-0-2) Motion passed.
h) Presentation and action: Letter to businesses regarding parking in residential areas and funding up to $50 for printing (C.M. Jenkins)
Cindy Marie Jenkins moves; Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith seconds.
Vote: (13-0-1) Motion passed.
i) Presentation and Action:  Letter regarding redistricting (C.M. Jenkins)
Cindy Marie Jenkins moves; Nick Warnes seconds.
Vote: (13-0-1) Motion passed.
j) Presentation and action: Approval of Language and Design of AVNC meeting signs
Cindy Marie Jenkins moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (13-0-1) Motion passed.
k) Presentation and action: funding up to $500 for Neighborhood Council Congress (G. Damon)
Ginger Damon moves; Rueben Martinez seconds.
Vote: (0-10-4) Motion failed to pass.
9. Board Member Comments
Bruce Fleenor: After the Fall Festival, I’ll only train the new treasurer, no more treasurer activities. The lady who had the asthma attack may be willing to take over.
10. Future Agenda Items for Meeting of Thursday, Sept 8th, 2011
Ginger Damon: At an event, I met with Congressman Adam Schiff; he is interested in speaking to the AVNC. I’ll let you know by 13th if I can book him.
11. Adjournment (9:42 p.m.)
Leonora Pitts moves; Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith seconds.
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