Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Minutes
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, Oct 13th, 20117:00 PM Christ’s Church of Griffith Park 3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039Regular
Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
Meeting Board of Governors
Thursday, October 13, 2011
1. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 7:01 p.m.
Leonora Pitts, South Atwater, Co-Chair, Present
Robert ‘Fixer’ Smith, Central Atwater, Co-Chair, (Absent)
Bruce Fleenor, Interim Treasurer, Church and Religious Organizations, Present
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Secretary, Outreach Chair, (Absent)
Lara Pranger, Schools, Present
Rueben Martinez, South Atwater, Present
Nick Warnes, Church and Religious Organizations, (Absent)
Alex Ventura, North Atwater, Land Use, Present
Amy Honey, Recreation and Parks, Present
Patricia Kane, Central Atwater, Present
Mario Cárdenas, At-Large, Present
Ginger Damon, Community, Non-Profit, Present
Tim Van Metter, At-Large, (Absent)
Gerry Hoffman, Business Rep., Present
John Culik, N. Atwater Rep., Present
2. Government Representative(s) Report(s) Senate, Assembly, City Council, DONE, LAPD Updates
Haig Kartounian, for Congressman Adam Schiff: Next year, we’ll represent Atwater. We can help with anything that has to do with the federal government, such as the IRS, immigration, forestry.
Eric Menjivar, of Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s office: DOT [Department of Transportation] has been ticketing people who park on driveway aprons (the ramp on the sidewalk that leads to the driveway).
 Next time when you do have a clean up on Glendale, let me know ahead of time, a month or two. Email: .
Jeanne (DAWS): On Oct. 29th is the Annual LAPD Open House at Northeast [division] on San Fernando. They asked me to set up a booth. I thought it would be nice if someone from the AVNC would join us.
Sunday, Oct. 16th is the 5th Annual Halloween Dog Parade. It’s a $5 registration fee starting at 2:30 p.m.
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair:  Angela Motta from Eric Garcetti’s office asked me to announce that there is a L.A. River clean up on Oct. 29th at 9:00 am. at the  Friendship Auditorium email:
3. Housekeeping/Announcements/Code of Civility (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: Code of civility: we’re all nice people, let’s keep it that way.
4. Approval of minutes: September 2011
Leonora Pitts moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Vote: (8-0-3) Motion passed.
5. AVNC Officers’ Reports/Committee Updates:  Outreach, Budget Advocates, Public Safety, etc.
Bruce Fleenor moves to approve the finance report; Leonora Pranger seconds.
Vote: (10-1-0) Motion passed.
6. Public Comments
Jeanne: Our storage space, we’re thinking of consolidating DAWS, Chamber [of Commerce], AVNC. I think we can keep the one I’m in, and make Chamber go in and clean it out.
7. New Business
a) Presentation and Action: Request for up to $500 funding for Santa’s Workshop event (L. Pitts)
Leonora Pitts moves; Lara Pranger seconds.
Leonora Pitts: All businesses can let us know if they have any workshop or special [during December], we print it on a calendar that we hand out at the tree-lighting and other events. I need money for the printing, and I want to do posters.
Vote: (9-0-2) Motion passed.
b) Presentation and Action: New AVNC Treasurer (B. Fleenor)
Leonora Pitts moves that we appoint Lara Pranger as our Treasurer; Bruce Fleenor seconds.
Vote: (9-0-2) Motion passed.
c) Presentation and Action: Updates on Fall Festival planning, tree lighting planning, median planning,  and clean up (L. Pitts)
Leonoar: Fall Festival is on Friday morning Oct. 28th we’ll gather volunteers to put all this [candy and toys] into bags. We need to buy the balloons, and then I need to talk to Acalpulco about blowing up the balloons. Then we need volunteers to tie balloons to the parking meters, and volunteers to be crossing guards. Please mark your calendars, Martin Luther King weekend, we’ll do another big community planting and do the other side of Glendale Blvd.
9. Board Member Comments
Lara Pranger: There are two school events: Sat., Oct. 15th, the Friends of Glen Feliz are having their yard sale that wholly benefits their after-school program on Valley brink from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
On Oct. 23rd, there is an ‘Enrich L.A.’ event. There is an existing garden at Atwater Elementary school; it will be finished on that day with volunteers from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
10. Future Agenda Items for Meeting of Thursday, Sept 8th, 2011
Bruce Fleenor: Do we need to put storage consolidation as an agenda item?
Leonora Pitts: Yes, because it is a budget item.
Bruce Fleenor: I want to contact our note-taker to see if she can provide us with an auditory recording of the meeting, and have it on the agenda for next month to pay for that.
Rueben Martinez: Did everyone get an email about the parking ordinance?
Leonora Pitts, Co-Chair: We paid for the parking study, $15,000, about five years ago. The parking study said that there was more than enough parking for businesses to open on Glendale Blvd. It’s now dead in the water. Our good friend Andy, President of the Chamber, is trying to open up a business and trying to get parking credits. Garcetti’s office is trying to push this through.
11. Adjournment
Leonora Pitts moves to adjourn; Lara Pranger seconds.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
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