River Agenda
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Mon, Aug 14th, 20176:30 PMChrist’s Church 3852 Edenhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039Regular
1)    Call to Order, Roll Call
2)    Public Comments regarding items not on agenda (2 minutes)
3)    Old Business:

a.  Discussion and possible action: AV East Bank Riverway project update for next working group and meetings: map, site visits and event needs. Outreach for site visits.Project presentation: LARRC October 2nd
b.  Discussion and possible action: Discuss 2017 direction - Review 2017 project list, letters & updates from last meetings.
c.   Discussion and possible action: further discussion on Memorial (Bond Park or Los Feliz gate entrance) to those who have died in the LA River (Tony)

4)    New Business:

a)    Discussion and possible action: Bike Path/East Bank River safety problems and possible solutions for community, visitors and river users.
b)    Discussion and possible action: Letter for board approval regarding possible city council ban on polystyrene take out containers. Additional letter in support of LA countystudy to examine a wide-ranging ban on the use of take-out containers, plastic cups and single-use straws which has been approved unanimously by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

5)    Approval of July meeting minutes
6)    Allow for interested stakeholders to self-nominate to join committee
7)    Future agenda items for next meetings
8)    Adjournment
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