Community Resources

All Los Angeles City Services:   3-1-1
3-1-1 Info

Police (emergency/crime in progress):   9-1-1
Police (non-emergency):    877-ASK-LAPD

Los Angeles Police Department Northeast Station

Fire Department (emergency):   9-1-1
Fire Department (non-emergency):   213-485-6185

Los Angeles Fire Department Station


Animal Services:   888-452-7381

Abandoned Vehicles:   800-222-6366

Blocked driveways/Parking violations:   213-485-4184 x2

Gas leak: 800-427-2200

Poison Control:   800-876-4766

Rape Hotline:   310-392-8381

Restraining Order:   213-974-5587

Potholes, Tree Trimming, Street resurfacing:   800-966-2489 or 311

Sanitation/Trash/Recycling:   800-773-2489

Water & Power:   800-342-5397

Director of Animal Welfare Services

SEE-LA/Atwater Village Farmers' Market

Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce

Council District 13/Council Member Mitch O'Farrell

Disaster Preparedness

Alliance of Neighborhood Councils

City of Los Angeles

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)

AVNC Code of Civility

Brown Act

Brown Act Amendment 2008

Atwater Village 411 (Information Brochure - 2008)

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